1/154 Annual Exhibition Results


Prints Judge: Robert Good

Projected Image Judge: Brian Willett





The Oscar

Best Monochrome print of the Year

Donated by Hubert Thompson ARPS, APAGB


Mundon Oaks in the Mist by Linda Paul




The Patience Trophy

Best Colour Print of the Year

Donated by Joe Patience Esq


Trees at Budleigh Salerton by David Hall




The Linda Trophy

Best Projected Image of the Year

Donated by Linda Hurst, APAGB


Petal Abstract by Keith Fenton




The Jim Rogers Trophy

Scoop Picture of the Year

Donated by Mrs Rogers


Olympic Determination by Anne Hinton van’t Hof




The Maurice Tarbuck Trophy

Best Portrait in the Exhibition

Donated by Mrs Tarbuck


Gus by David Hall




The Chequers Trophy

Beginner of the Year

Donated by Major Claude Hill


Theo van’t Hof


Theo is a young GCSE Photography student, and you can view most of his work in his Album.

Follow this link.....








Judge: Robert Good


Section 1

(no previous award)

Monochrome Print

The Tally Ho Cup


1st  Gerry Gallott - Monty

2nd  Theo van’t Hof - Red Lechwe Antelope

3rd  Simon Gallott - Tom

H/C  Michelle Mackie - Sign of the Times

H/C  Theo van’t Hof - Timber Wolf




Section 2

(no previous award)

Colour Print

Landscape / Seascape / Architecture

The Sunningdale Trophy


1st  Michelle Mackie - Golden Pier

2nd  Chris Farmer - Clouds Near Mount Teide, Tenerife

H/C Keith Jerwood - Brighton Eye




Section 3

(no previous award)

Colour Print

Any subject not covered by section 2

The Percy French Trophy


1st  Jane Cosh - Cherry-Capped Mangabey

2nd  Chris Farmer - Iguana, Tenerife Jungle Park

3rd  Theo van’t Hof - Grumman F8F Bearcat Pilot

H/C  Jane Cosh - Cheetah

H/C  Gerry Gallott - Skater Boy

H/C  Gerry Gallott - Blue Eyes

H/C  Theo van’t Hof - Poppp Penguin




Section 4

Monochrome Print

Portrait or Figure

The Shire Cup


1st  David Hall - Gus

2nd  Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Olympic Determination

3rd  Richard Swinscoe - Sylvia

H/C  Mark Cass - Paratrooper

H/C  Simon Gallott - Southend Zombie Pier Walk

H/C  Simon Gallott - Sarah

H/C  Richard Swinscoe - Arms and the Man




Section 5

Monochrome Print

Landscape or Seascape

The Richard Dartnall Trophy


1st  Phil Stepney - Flat Top Mountain

2nd  David Hall - Rannoch Moor Tree

3rd  David Hall - Tyne Cot Cemetery

H/C  Ron Willis - On the River Exe




Section 6

Monochrome Print

Architecture or Architectural Feature

The Regency Cup


1st  David Hall - St Paul Shepherd

2nd  Keith Fenton - Towards Infinity

3rd  Keith Fenton - The Bridge

H/C  Mark Cass - Time Flies

H/C Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Docklands from the River




Section 7

Monochrome Print

Any Subject not in sections 4, 5 or 6

The Rochford Cup


1st  Phil Stepney - Rodeo

2nd  Nick Cosh - Cat with Orchid

3rd  Nick Cosh - Cheetah

H/C  Phil Stepney - The Lonely Busker




Section 8

Colour Print

Portrait or Figure

The Colour Portrait Trophy


1st  Richard Swinscoe - In Control

2nd  Mark Cass - The Polka Dot Dolls

3rd  Gerry Gallott - Chloe

H/C  Nick Cosh - Girl

H/C  Janet Harper - Cheeky Smile

H/C  Michelle Mackie - Light at the End of the Tunnel

H/C  Paul Overall - The Old Woodsman




Section 9

Colour Print

Landscape or Seascape

The Edith Leigh Trophy


1st  David Hall - Trees at Budleigh Salterton

2nd  Richard Swinscoe - Backwash

3rd  David Hall - Hadleigh Castle at Dawn

H/C  Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Autumn Woodland Walk

H/C  Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Gas Works Jetty, Southend

H/C  Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Winter Sunset Over Benfleet Creek

H/C  Jill Speller - Reflections

H/C  Phil Stepney - Night Skyline, London




Section 10

Colour Print

Natural History

The Alan Waters Trophy


1st  David Hall - Feed Me!

2nd  Jill Speller - Guernsey Lily

3rd  Phil Stepney - Tiger

H/C Mark Cass - Portrait of a Timber Wolf (Canis Lupus)

H/C  David Hall - Kingfisher Threat Pose

H/C Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Young Gull on Dungeness Beach




Section 11

Colour Print

Any Subject not in sections 8,9 or 10

The Ely Bowl


1st  Darren Skerritt - Tower Bridge Archway

2nd  Mark Cass - Pulling Props

3rd  Janet Harper - Stained Glass Window Reflection

H/C  Darren Skerritt - Westminster

H/C Phil Stepney - Southend Waters

H/C  Richard Swinscoe - The Only Hollyhock in the Village











Judge: Brian Willett



Section 1

(no previous award)

Projected Portrait or Figure

The Grayston Trophy


1st  Theo van't Hof - Lola Lamour

2nd  Theo van't Hof - Polka Dot Dolls  




Section 2

(no previous award)

Projected Landscape or Seascape

The Club Trophy


1st  Theo van't Hof - Waiting for the Summer

2nd  Theo van't Hof - Winter Sunset at Two Tree Island




Section 3

Projected Portrait or Figure

The Bill Paul Trophy


1st  Mark Cass - Medic!

2nd  Peter Mills - Morris Dancer

3rd  Janet Harper - Herero Tribe Woman

H/C  Janet Harper - Lee Valley Training Session

H/C  Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Olympian




Section 4

Projected Landscape or Seascape

The Cynthia Trophy


1st  Anne Hinton van't Hof - Winter Sunset at Southend Beach

2nd  Keith Fenton - A Frosty Morning

3rd  Mark Cass - Lightning Strike, Bodmin Moor

H/C Richard Swinscoe - Bridge 77, Brecon Canal

H/C  Phil Stepney - Dawn, Longs Peak

H/C  Phil Stepney - Sunrise and Reflections, Rocky Mountains




Section 5

Projected Architecture or Architectural Feature

The Jack Wolf Trophy


1st  Mark Cass - Sky High

2nd  Denis Slade - Cambridge College

3rd  Richard Swinscoe - Healings Mill, Tewkesbury

H/C  Tony Estcourt - Bench & Lamp

H/C  Linda Paul - Dusk Light Cityscape

H/C  Dave Green - Leadenhall Market

H/C  Dave Green - Up & Down & Across




Section 6

Projected Natural History

The Alf Sclater Trophy


1st  Dave Green - Poppy Head

2nd  Richard Swinscoe - Honey Bee

3rd  Richard Swinscoe - Grasshopper

H/C  Janet Harper - Cape Cross Seal Reserve

H/C  Anne Hinton van’t hof - Snow Leopard

H/C  Phil Stepney - White Tailed Eagle on North Downs




Section 7

Projected any Subjects not in sections 3, 4, 5 or 6

The George Summers Trophy


1st  Keith Fenton - Petal Abstract

2nd  Richard Swinscoe - Telephone Box

3rd  Darren Skerritt - The Storm

H/C  Denis Slade - BASF Employee's Bike Park

H/C  Theo van’t Hof - Home Late Again!

H/C  Tony Estcourt - Water Collectoe - Medano








All winning PRINTS can be viewed at

THE FORUM, Southend Library

From 24th June ~ 14th July 2015

All the PROJECTED IMAGES have been placed in the PDF book below. It can be viewed on screen or downloaded. The quality is low, not suitable for printing.

Annual Exhibition DPI  2015 pdf book by J Harper.pdf
AE 2015 POSTER.jpg

Annual Exhibition 14/15