Cambridge Inter-club Digital Competition   21st January 2017


Judge: Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS, AFIAP, BPE5

Report by Richard Swinscoe (External DPI Competition Secretary)


A crisp, bright winter’s day drive up to Whittlesford with Dave Green to meet with new member Steve Henderson, his wife Sue and 180 photographers, organisers, plus, of course, the Judge. Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS, AFIAP, BPE5 was faced with judging five images from each of 36 clubs, a task she discharged effectively but not without occasional mutters in the crowd when photos which would have received a popular vote failed to make a top mark. Nevertheless there was no disagreement with the eventual outcomes.

You can see the full result sheet and winning images here:

Our position improved over last year as we were placed joint 23rd scoring eight more points this time. This was largely due to Michelle who scored a 20. Congratulations. You don’t often get a 20 for a monochrome from an ex-President of the RPS in a big competition.



Scores out of 20 and comments on our entry: 


Round 1 ~ Mono

Stuff Books Are Made Of by Michelle Mackie 20/20

Image works well. The hair works well. Discussion whether a key line would improve. Conclusion was that the way the picture floats off into the background and screen is a positive.


Round 2 ~ People

Windows To The Soul by Michelle Mackie ~ 17
Pupils severely dilated. Wondered what was going on. Had the model put some eye drops in? Strange to see such dilated pupils when there is little light. (I’m sure this is what was said but does not make biological sense.) Interesting image, subdued textures on skin but the eyes don’t fit. Doesn’t quite work.


Round 3 ~ Landscape
Southend Beach by Janet Harper ~ 15
Good choice of shutter speed to give the intermediate, splashy effect without freezing or totally smoothing the water. No much more to the picture. ( The standard in the Landscape round is very high.)


Round 4 ~ Natural History
Postman by Richard Swinscoe ~ 16
Almost a pictorial treatment. Colours on the butterfly are a partial camouflage against the flower. Background OK. (Standard even higher than Landscape. Judged against the all- holds-barred Natural History rule set.)


Round 5 ~ Open
Seen Better Days by Phil Stepney ~ 16
Interesting selection (crop). Detail interesting especially the bright corner bottom left.



Condensation  by Peter  Not used.