Thurrock Three Way Competition    March 2017


Judge: Graham Parry

Report by Richard Swinscoe

Thurrock Three-Way


Once more I was the sole club representative at this annual event.  Thurrock is a well-supported, strong club producing stunning images. With Benfleet as the other party we were sure to be up against strong competition. As it turned out it was though I had stumbled into some international salon rather than a local inter-club battle.


The judge was Graham Parry, someone we rarely see at our club as his club also meets on a Thursday. I have managed to book him for DPI in November so it is useful to be aware of his style.


Graham is one of those who makes you feel good about your photo even when he is picking up on the faults. He will enthusiastically describe what he sees before him and his reactions thereto. He will, though, pick out the slightest detail that causes him concern, something he had to do here as there was little, if anything, to criticise in many of the prints on display.


A tough night for us then and although our marks look reasonable there was a clear gap between our 9s, for example, and the 9.5 and 10s awarded to our competitors.


The format is ten prints each. About a dozen were held back and one or two were weeded out as 9.5s. Graham then gave up the impossible task of separating the remainder and gave each a ten. As I said, this was Gold Medal class.


Nevertheless an enjoyable night in a friendly club. Excellent work on display and all created with pretty much the same hardware and software each of us uses.


Dead Horse Point by Phil Stepney  9    

Enjoyed the colour, the detail ,captured at a good the time of day. Just held on to detail in the shadows.


Township Siblings by Janet Harper 9   

Enjoyed how the character of the subjects was brought out. Background could be toned down to be less distracting.


Coumonole Bay Rock by David Hall  8.5  

Was looking to see what had caused the footprints in the sand and would have liked to have seen that extra element. Liked the detail in the rocks but slight sharpening halo.


Clogher Bay Rocks by David Hall  8.5  

Works well especially perspective and the effect of the sea at base. Some over sharpening issues where edges against the sky need to soften.


Oast House, Yalding by Richard Swinscoe 8.5  

Enjoyed how the lighting brought the main subject to the fore. Agreed the crop (!). White chicken (duck) and reflection should be toned down to eliminate distraction.


Sunflowers and Oranges by Chris Lawrence  8  

Shadow blocked out in centre of two flowers.


Early Morning Climb up “Big Daddy”  by Janet Harper  9  

Enthused over quality, detail and the story. Up against strong competition.


Sergeant Mount by Tony Estcourt  9  

Commented on the feeling of space, otherworldliness and sense of scale implied by the small figure. Noticed the slight misplacement of the print in the mount but “wouldn’t make any difference”.


Orchid by Keith Fenton 8  

Colour detail good but let down by the inclusion of the distracting stem


Kimeridge Bay by Phil Stepney  8  

Enjoyed the colour and detail but not the over sharpened edge where horizon meets the sky (again).













Our images entered in this competition.