Sandown Trophy Competition   20th March 2017


Judge: David Steel DPAG

Report by Richard Swinscoe

I managed to get back from the Photography Show just in time to make the start of the annual competition with Benfleet, Rayleigh and Southend. Linda kindly agreed to take the prints along in case I was delayed. We were the only representatives from the club.


The judge was David Steel DPAG, a senior member of the regional panel and EAF stalwart. He was expecting to see the best from each club and was looking for that “extra something” before venturing above a middling mark. An image doing well in the club competitions would not necessarily score so highly in an inter-club battle. This is normal.


Befleet, as usual, pulled out all the stops leaving the rest of us trailing in their wake.


Scores out of 10 and comments on our entry:


Cutback by Richard Swinscoe   7.5

Competent for what it is. Could have used slower shutter speed to give more sense of movement.


Breitling at the Airshow by Daniela Gibbins  8   

Liked the crop, observed the propellers were blurred although could not see the second one because of its position.


Oxo by Janet Harper  6.5

Positive comments on technical quality and creativity. Thought bokeh not too smooth.


Bridal Falls by Phil Stepney  7  

Wanted to see someone looking over the bridge (I thought there was someone!). Better to have see the top of the falls. Looking for more emotional involvement.


Street Artist by Chris Lawrence  7  

Busy, could not work out the story, speculated on what, to him, was not apparent.


Winter Dusk at Leigh by Linda Paul   7.5   

Liked the colours, serenity and feeling of space.



Lost by Michelle Mackie 6.5   

Wanted to see sharper detail on girl’s face and tattoos. Speculated on whether there was camera movement or post processing effects. Thought the girl looked lost but this was said as a negative comment. Must have forgotten the title!


Cold Day on the Cam  by Richard Swinscoe   7.5   

Said he was very familiar with the location (he is a member of the Cambridge Club). Speculated whether this was a morning or evening shot (got it wrong). Should have been printed on gloss rather than a matt (fine art) paper.


Orchid by Keith Fenton  7.5   

Liked the lighting, not so sure about the second stem.


Lincoln Cathedral by Anne Hinton van’t Hof  8  

Liked the treatment as clearly not a technical architecture shot. Blown highlights in the windows and would have liked more detail around the altar.


David has a very rapid delivery and combined with my failing hearing I was under the impression he had started talking about steam pumps. Turns out that there is a big Steampunk gathering in Lincoln every August Bank Holiday. Hundreds of them apparently. Sounds good.


Ropes and Tyres by Linda Paul  7  

A photographer’s photo. Liked the quality but wanted more emotional input.















Our images entered in this competition.