Prints Judge: Ron Tear ARPS,MPAGB,PSA3,BPE5

Projected Image Judge: Robert Good





The Oscar

Best Monochrome print of the Year

Donated by Hubert Thompson ARPS, APAGB


Gloucester Cathedral by Paul Overall




The Patience Trophy

Best Colour Print of the Year

Donated by Joe Patience Esq


Sunrise, East Beach by Phil Stepney




The Linda Trophy

Best Projected Image of the Year

Donated by Linda Hurst, APAGB


The River Tiber and St Peter’s Basilica by Paul Warburton




The Maurice Tarbuck Trophy

Best Portrait in the Competition

Donated by Mrs Tarbuck


Taking a Break by Keith Fenton




The Chequers Trophy

Beginner of the Year

Donated by Major Claude Hill


Ian Warburton


You can view most of Ian’s work in his Album.

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Judge: Ron Tear ARPS, MPAGB, PSA3, BPE5


Section 1

(no previous award)

Monochrome Print

The Tally Ho Cup


1st  Paul Overall - Gloucester Cathedral

2nd  Paul Warburton - On the Rivet

H/C  Del Overall - No Customers




Section 2

(no previous award)

Colour Print

Landscape / Seascape / Architecture

The Sunningdale Trophy


1st  Paul Overall - Steel and Glass

2nd  Paul Warburton - Flamborough Head

H/C  Paul Overall - Dunwich Heath




Section 3

(no previous award)

Colour Print

Any subject not covered by Section 2

The Percy French Trophy


1st  Paul Warburton - Jousting Jackdaws

2nd  Ian Warburton - Small Blue

H/C  Ian Warburton - Calla Lilly




Section 4

Monochrome Print

Portrait or Figure

The Shire Cup


1st  Keith Fenton - Taking a Break

2nd  Paul Warburton - Short Man on the Shortest Day




Section 5

Monochrome Print

Landscape or Seascape

The Richard Dartnall Trophy


1st  Phil Stepney - Arches and Shadows

2nd  Linda Paul - The Souvenir

3rd  David Lodge - Honister Pass

H/C  Richard Swinscoe - Setting Off Early

H/C  Phil Stepney - Safe Haven




Section 6

Monochrome Print

Architecture or Architectural Feature

The Regency Cup


1st  Paul Warburton - Risk Reflection

2nd  Keith Fenton - Statuesque

3rd  Linda Paul  Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire

H/C  David Lodge - Wells Scissor Arch

H/C  Tony Estcourt - Millenium Bridge




Section 7

Monochrome Print

Any Subject not in sections 4, 5 or 6

The Rochford Cup


1st   Tony Estcourt - Easter Surfing

2nd  Tony Estcourt - Walking to Work

3rd  David Lodge - London Eye

H/C Janet Harper - Apple Stalk

H/C  Janet Harper - I Ate a Lizard

H/C  Richard Swinscoe - Whispered Conversation

H/C  Richard Swinscoe - Hanover Place




Section 8

Colour Print

Portrait or Figure

The Colour Portrait Trophy


1st  Richard Swinscoe - Mods Forever

2nd  Paul Warburton - Joshua Strangeways  




Section 9

Colour Print

Landscape or Seascape

The Edith Leigh Trophy


1st  Phil Stepney - Sunrise, Eastbeach

2nd  Paul Warburton - Financial District from brooklyn

3rd  Kevin Harwood - Colosseum Light Trails

H/C  David Lodge - Over the Wall and Far Away

H/C  Phil Stepney - Stormy Sky, Brighton

H/C  Richard Swinscoe - Staying Afloat




Section 10

Colour Print

Natural History

The Alan Waters Trophy


1st  Phil Stepney - Catch of the Day

2nd  Paul Warburton - Crowning Glory

3rd  Phil Stepney - Tufted Puffin

H/C  Janet Harper - Richmond Park Deer

H/C  Linda Paul - Wildflower Meadow at Dusk

H/C Phil Stepney - Alaskan Brown Bear

H/C  Tony Estcourt - Geese Feeding at Sunrise, Shoebury




Section 11

Colour Print


The Print Sport Trophy


1st  Richard Swinscoe - Six Three Seven-UP

H/C  Tony Estcourt - Back-lit Windsurfer, Medano




Section 12

Colour Print

Any Subject not in sections 8,9 ,10 or 11

The Ely Bowl


1st  Richard Swinscoe - Leaving

2nd  Linda Paul - Poppy Seed Head

3rd  Keith Fenton - Away With the Angel

H/C David Lodge - Swing Bridge

H/C Gareth Evans - Steel

H/C  Phil Stepney - Gone Fishing

H/C  Richard Swinscoe - Fruit Stall




Section 13


The Jodie Hughes Award


1st  Painterly Poppies

H/C  Paul Warburton - Combustion Workflow









Judge: Robert good


Section 1

(no previous award)

Projected Portrait or Figure

The Grayston Trophy


1st  Paul Warburton - You Are Not Alone

2nd   Alfie Winters - Views From Above

3rd  Alfie Winters - Peace and love

H/C   Andrew Kenyon - Tuning Up

H/C  Gareth Evans - Just Blowing

H/C  Andrew Kenyon - Marc

H/C Andrew Kenyon - Lizzie




Section 2

(no previous award)

Projected Landscape or Seascape

The Club Trophy


1st  Andrew Kenyon - Washburn

2nd  Andrew Kenyon - Rocking Hall

3rd  Kevin Harwood - Eilean Donan Castle

H/C  Tracy Lane - North Sea Cromer




Section 3

Projected Portrait or Figure

The Bill Paul Trophy


1st  Richard Swinscoe - Fashion

2nd  Daniela Gibbins - A Walk in the Light

3rd  Paul Warburton - Bri’ the ‘Ammer

H/C  Andrew Kenyon - Lady in Waiting

H/C  Janet Harper - Relaxed




Section 4

Projected Landscape or Seascape

The Cynthia Trophy


1st  Paul Warburton - The River Tiber and StPeter’s Basilica

2nd  Andrew Kenyon - Pier Rays

3rd  Daniela Gibbins - A Wintery Day for Skiing

H/C  Alan Campion - Swiss Glacier

H/C  Anne Hinton van’t hof - Autumnal Tranquility

H/C  Janet Harper - Last of the Sun’s Rays

H/C  Linda Paul - Belfairs Woods, Autumn

H/C  Paul Murgatroyd - Sunset Over the Thames

H/C Phil Stepney - Here Comes The Sun




Section 5

Projected Architecture or Architectural Feature

The Jack Wolf Trophy


1st  Alan Campion - Wat Benchamabophit, Thailand

2nd  Linda Paul - Tate Modern Stairs

3rd  Richard Swinscoe - Window, Cathedral La Rochelle

H/C  Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Exeter Cathedral

H/C  David Lodge - Wells Cathedral

H/C  Peter Mills - Clock tower

H/C  Phil Stepney - Cathedral, Cologne

H/C  Phil Stepney - Parliament Building, Victoria, BC




Section 6

Projected Natural History

The Alf Sclater Trophy


1st  Phil Stepney - Sea Otters

2nd  Phil Stepney - Humming bird

3rd  Peter Mills - Robin in the Rain

H/C  Alan Campion - Pelicans

H/C  Andrew Kenyon - Huddling

H/C  David Lodge - Dusky Leaf Monkey

H/C  Ian Warburton - Ringlet (Alphantopus hyperantus)

H/C  Janet Harper - Robin

H/C  Paul Warburton - Skomer Skirmish

H/C  Phil Stepney - One Giant Leap

H/C Richard Swinscoe - Lapwings




Section 7


Projected Sport Trophy


1st  Andrew Kenyon - Washing Machine

2nd  Andrew Kenyon - Night Running

3rd  Richard Swinscoe - Aerial 360

H/C Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Celebration

H/C Daniela Gibbins - The Parachuters

H/C  Richard Swinscoe - The Sports Photographer




Section 8

Projected any Subjects not in sections 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7

The George Summers Trophy


1st  Andrew Kenyon - Moonlit Castle

2nd  Keith Fenton - Tearing Down the Strip

3rd  Linda Paul - Frozen Little Planet

H/C Daniela gibbins - Wolf V Man

H/C  Daniella Gibbins - Ski Chairs

H/C  Peter Mills - Canary Wharf Reflection

H/C  Phil Stepney - A Close Shave




Section 9

Projected Panel


1st  Keith Fenton - Down At the Paddling Pool

2nd  Janet Harper - Richmond Park

3rd  Anne Hinton van’t Hof - Robin

H/C Alan Campion - Autumn Colours

H/C  Linda Paul - Thai Umbrellas

H/C Phil Stepney - Red

H/C  Phil Stepney - Bear Necessities






Annual Competition 17/18