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       ..... Leigh Camera Club is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) through the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies (EAF) and as such we take part in a variety of inter-club competitions, a great way for our members to look at work from other camera clubs.

      There is always a warm and friendly atmosphere at the club and we have a refreshment break during the evening when members can view others' work, ask advice or simply get to know each other.

      All levels of photography are catered for and beginners are made very welcome. There is no obligation to enter work into the competitions - you can sit back and enjoy seeing the work of others before having a go yourself. You can, however, enter work as soon as you become a member if you wish.

We also have a closed Facebook page where members offer support  and encouragement. You can upload images there, post questions, or simply observe.

Panel / Triptych

Do you want to enter a Projected image in the Annual Competition, but don’t have the time to teach yourself layers in Photoshop?

Do you have PowerPoint on your computer? I have created a PowerPoint template the correct size for our projector (1400px wide by 1050px high) Download it here, the instructions are embedded in it.

Focus Stacking freeware program


I have just discovered a Freeware program called CombineZM for Focus Stacking. Up until now I thought you could only do it in the full Photoshop program or Lightroom.

It is very easy to do. Click on the worksheet to get the hyperlink to download the free program.

That link does not work anymore, I did a search for CombineZM and came up with this: http://combinezm.software.informer.com/  Scroll down to the bottom of the page. I cannot guarantee that it works.


Focus Stacking.pdf

Infrared Photography

Barry got his infrared camera from:

Ist Graphic Computers

160 Felixstowe Road



Email – sales@1stgc.co.uk


Tel: 01473 711145

Owner of the company is Peter Smith who has the expertise to either convert an old digital camera of your ownership or he can obtain a suitable S/H camera to convert as a package deal. (I wish I had not sold my old camera now!)

He can offer discount to our members on a trade 1 level which is normally a good couple of pounds off retail price. You have to be listed on our Members Albums page as proof of belonging to Leigh Camera Club


Why type out the entire programme for next season when I have already done it for you in the Webmaster Calendar.

I have added extra notes, the Judges/Speakers websites, plus uploading dates for Projected Images. You can even set the calendar to a different colour to your normal calendar.

If I change any event in the webmaster calendar, yours is automatically updated!

The addresses you might need are in this pdf document.


LCC Webmaster Calendar

for your smart phone, tablet or computer

Individuals may subscribe to the PAGB e-news, and will find an archive of back issues on their website:
Find out what local Camera Clubs are doing and what Photographic Exhibitions you can visit.

Keith receives free copies of this monthly newspaper to distribute at the Camera Club.

If you want to go paper free but still keep all your issues, you can subscribe to receive a digital version emailed to you each month to read on your tablet or computer.

Go to this website http://www.absolutephoto.com/ and enter your email address in the pop up screen.


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