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If you wish for any of your pictures to be included on this website in your own album (members only of course) please email them to me.


Resize to 1400px x 1050px if possible, or I can resize for you. Just send your pictures to me @


Janet Harper ‘Master of the Web’


( For competition winners please

make sure details are attached ie:

Date of comp, section, and title.)



Digital Uploading for INCLUSION in WEBSITE

Digital Uploading for COMPETITIONS


When uploading images for competition entries, make sure they are:
16MB or smaller
The colour profile is sRGB to match projector calibration
As far as possible upload more than one at a time.

It is helpful if you put your name in the EXIF data as Author, because some cameras put their Brand as Author. (You can actually set it IN some cameras, eg Canon!)

Large files may take 5 - 10 minutes to upload; so if you want to reduce this time you could reduce your file size to the resolution of the Projector: either 1400px wide X or 1050px high, square images should be 1050px on both sides. It will not affect the quality.

Once you have registered, you can upload your pictures and you will be prompted for titles. Any problems or queries .... contact Projectionist:

Linda Paul
She will confirm receipt within 48 hours; if you don’t hear from her, presume she has not received them.


1.   How to resize images to fit the projector to speed uploading to the FFP site.
2.   Help sheet explaining “Uploading Projected Images to the FFP site” It also gives you tips       on registering and how to update your email account, if required, for confirmation that       the Projectionist has received your images.